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AAA Hawaii: Pump Prices Stay Steady Going into Labor Day Holiday

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As Hawaiians get ready for Labor Day holiday plans, gas prices are moving very little throughout the state. Today’s statewide average price for regular unleaded is $3.24 a gallon, one cent lower compared to last week, up two cents from last month and down 42 cents from a year ago at this time, according to

In Honolulu, today’s average price for regular unleaded stands at $3.05 per gallon, which is down one cent compared to last week, one cent lower than a month ago and 49 cents lower than the price on this date last year. The Hilo average gas price is $3.49, which is one cent higher compared to last week, three cents more than a month ago and 28 cents lower than on this date a year ago. 

In Kahului, the average price is $3.49 which is unchanged from both last week and last month, and 35 cents lower than on this date a year ago. Lihue’s average price for regular is $3.59, which is unchanged from last Thursday and last month and 25 cents lower than a year ago today. 

“Going into the holiday weekend we don’t expect prices to change much at all, considering demand hasn’t changed significantly,” said Liane Sumida, AAA Hawaii general manager. “Remember, however to keep your vehicle maintained so it is ready when you are ready to drive.”

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Prices as of 6 a.m. Sept. 3:

HI Chart Sept 3 2020


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