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AAA Hawaii: Gas Prices Resume Dropping After Holiday Week

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Hawaii gas prices began declining again in the last week after a temporary pause during the week of the Labor Day holiday, according to the AAA Hawaii Weekend Gas Watch. The average regular unleaded gas price for Hawaii is $5.27, which is three cents below last week. The average national price is $3.70, which is down five cents from a week ago.

In Honolulu, today’s average price for regular unleaded is $5.18, which is two cents lower than last week, six cents lower than a month ago, and $1.19 higher than the price on this date last year. The Hilo average gas price is $5.19, which is three cents lower than last week, 14 cents lower than last month, and $1.06 higher than on this date a year ago.

In Kahului, the average price of $5.42 is eight cents below last week, 17 cents lower than last month and $1.31 higher than a year ago. Lihue’s average price for regular is $5.62, which is one cent lower than last week, six cents lower than last month, and $1.30 higher than a year ago.

“Hawaii and California are the only two states with gas price averages above $5 a gallon, and California’s average price today is 17 cents higher a gallon than Hawaii at $5.44 due to some refinery issues in that state,” said Liane Sumida, AAA Hawaii general manager.

AAA Hawaii reminds drivers they can save money on gasoline by shopping around virtually using a tool like the AAA Mobile app, which shows users the cheapest gas prices near them. AAA members can also take advantage of discounted gas prices at participating Shell gas stations by joining the Shell Fuel Rewards® program.

Prices as of 6 a.m., Sept. 15:

HI Sep 15 22


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